Mold Air Spore Trap Sampling

Air spore trap samples are taken using a Zeflon  Bio - Pump and Air - O - Cel Spore Trap Cassettes. 

Exactly 75 Liters of air is drawn through the  cassette and the airborne spores are collected. The

cassettes are then sent to Hayes Microbial Laboratory ( an Accredited Lab ) for Analysis.  The collected

spores are Identified and Quantified. An Exterior sample must be taken for a baseline to compare spore counts.  By comparing the inside spore counts with the exterior spore counts a determination  as to

weather there is elevation and to what degree can be made.

Tape Lift Sampling

Tape Lift Sampling is performed to identify growth that is present on surfaces. A sanitized tape is used to lift the surface growth then it is attached to a sanitized glass slide  and placed in a sanitized container.  The container is sent to a Laboratory for microbial analysis.  This analysis tells the type of surface growth that is present.

Cost of Air Spore Trap and Tape Lift sampling.

The cost for Air spore trap and Tape lift samples is $175.00 to take the samples and send them to the Lab Plus $75.00 per sample.

This includes a Free Inspection and a 24 Hour result turn around. A minimum of 2 air spore trap samples  because there must be an exterior baseline sample.

The Good news is that we are Offering $25.00 OFF the above testing

Other Testing Available

V.O.C. Volitable  Organic Compounds and Formaldehyde Testing